Map file for pxdvi

  • pxdvi のソース(ptexlive2009 のもの)を見ていると,pxdvi + (truetype fonts) + \CID{} が正常に動作しないようni -- 北川 2011-11-02 (水) 21:30:17
  • (途中で送信してしまいました)……ように思えてきます.「pdf 化して、そっちで見ろ」として放置するのもありかもしれませんが,個人的には気になってしまいます. -- 北川 2011-11-02 (水) 21:37:15
  • pxdvi と dvipdfmx の位置づけが気になります.「dvipdfmx で作った pdf が最終成果物で,pxdvi は途中経過を簡便に表示するためのもの」という立場なら,現状の dvipdfmx の をそのまま転用すればいいだけです.しかし,例えば「明朝の太字は(ソフト側がサポートするならば)太字で表示されるべき.dvipdfmx で細字と同じフォントが埋め込まれる設定なのは,あくまでも dvipdfmx 側の制限でしかない」という立場にも立てるわけで,そうすると dvipdfmx と pxdvi とは若干違った内容の map にするとか,あるいは,上の "ipam.ttf/AJ16,Bold" 指定でも(スタイルは無効にするが) ipam.ttf を埋め込むように dvipdfmx 側を変更する,といった選択肢が考えられます.みなさん,どう思われますでしょうか? -- 北川 2011-11-05 (土) 20:51:10

Maps for free fonts

We will now have IPA[ex] fonts into TL. Thus we have 2 options (each for pTeX/OTF) as default setting:

  • Not embed any fonts at all (KanjiEmbed=noEmbed). A PDF viewer in reader's computer have to be able to access Japanese fonts in his computer.
  • Embed always IPA[ex] fonts (KanjiEmbed=ipa[ex]).
  • Something between above 2. For example,
    • tfms for OTF packages→don't embed, and tfms for pTeX→embed IPAex. updmap.cfg looks like the following or something
      KanjiEmbed noEmbed
    • I (北川) think that this approach is good for some way , since IPA[ex] fonts have enough glyphs for usually use of pTeX, but not for full-supporting OTF package. But I think also this approach is not suitable as the default setting.

  • As Norbert wrote above, we'll have IPA[ex] fonts in TeX Live itself. Then, what we need to discuss is whether IPA[ex] fonts will be embedded into a PDF file by default. -- 北川 2011-10-29 (土) 09:53:01
  • As of todays CTAN tlnet, there is the "ipaex" package which actually includes both the IPA and IPAex fonts This package ships the {otf,ptex}-ipa{,ex}.map files for dvipdfmx, but none of them is activated by default via updmap-sys, as 北川さん wrote. -- ノルベルト 2011-10-29 (土) 15:22:27
  • At the present, otf-ipa[ex].map contains a bug: a line whose encoding part is Identity-* must have suffix "/AJ16" at the fontname part. I already mailed this to Norbert, and noted at my page. -- 北川 2011-11-02 (水) 16:36:50
  • Fixed in the TL repository, updated packages will be shipped tomorrow. -- ノルベルト 2011-11-03 (木) 00:28:53

Shall we distribute Japanese free fonts with TeX Live (or another repository)?

  • One approach: TeX Live includes free Japanese fonts (see the below comment).
    • Which fonts will be default?
  • Another approach: TeX Live includes only map files, not any Japanese fonts.
    • `Which fonts will be used in default ' is determined for each distribution.
    • Can the post-install process include auto-detection of Japanese fonts?

  • I would like to collect the free Japanese fonts with support for ptex etc, and put them into the main TeX Live repository. For that I need the fonts, the tfm/vf/etc files (probably from the otf package), and map files. Please those who know about these issues contribute items and suggestions here. Thanks. -- ノルベルト 2011-10-26 (水) 14:07:44
  • Good point. I guess I will also discuss that with Karl Berry to make sure we don't discuss on something where he has a strong opinion pro/contra. -- ノルベルト 2011-10-26 (水) 21:35:12
  • IPAex Fonts could be distributed in TeX Live. (please read their documents). I think we need just map file to embed the fonts in pdf if they make pdfs through dvipdfmx; not so difficult. -- kuroky 2011-10-26 (水) 21:57:22
  • 土村さんがptexlive で提供している,フォントごとに設定の分かれた ptex-*.map とか otf-*.map とかの仕組みが入るのがまず先でしょうか?その上で,ほとんどのシステムでは ipaex で,Mac だけは fonts/opentype にフォントのリンクを張る作業もしてあげて,{ptex,otf} を使う;というのが解だと私は思います. -- kuroky 2011-10-26 (水) 23:46:29
  • I agree to kuroky. -- 佐々木洋平 2011-10-27 (木) 05:03:10
  • In otf.tar.xz in the repository, there are some samples of otf-*.map already. But we have to correct them. -- 北川 2011-10-27 (木) 05:48:57
  • 黒木さん, 北川さん: But if we can provide at least one set of fonts with TL, and dvipdfmx is set up to use these fonts, then it would first work out of the box, and people with different fonts available can use updmap --setoption kanjiEmbed ... to get other fonts. Isn't that the idea? By now, we rely on the fact that dvipdfmx does not embed anything and hope that the system provides the right fonts. -- ノルベルト 2011-10-28 (金) 11:10:57
  • you are right, nobert. Before appearing IPA(ex) fonts, since there are no free good Japanese fonts in the world, we don't embed real Japanese fonts and rely on the viewer's quality. Why we can do that, is the shape (virtual box) of Japanese letters is almost the same. -- kuroky 2011-10-28 (金) 23:16:26

Mapfiles for non-free, undistributable fonts

For example, the source archive of OTF package provides map files for the followings:

  • ' dvipdfmx)': Hiragino font family. This map file is considered to be a model.
  • ' dvipdfmx)': Morisawa OpenType fonts
  • '': Kozuka (Mincho/Gothic) font family by Adobe

At least, it is better to include (and adjust) these map files.

  • These three font families have fonts with JIS90 Kanji shape (e.g., HiraMinPro-W3.otf) and those with JIS04 shape (e.g., HiraMinProN-W3.otf).
    • Saito-san says that one map is enough for each companies, on the OTF package.
    • However, should we have separate maps of JIS90 fonts and those of JIS04 fonts, for pTeX fonts?

2011/11/2 現在では,次のようになっています.

  • pTeX 用:ptex-{hiragino,kozuka,morisawa}[-04].map (ヒラギノ,小塚,モリサワの3種類.-04 ありは 04字形,なしは 90 字形)
  • OTF パッケージ用:otf-{hiragino,kozuka,morisawa}.map

  • Concerning non-free fontd I suggest the following approach: We collect these font support files in one package, call it otf-nonfree, and provide these package in an alternative repository, probably after some initial testing in tlptexlive in tlcontrib which is exactely for these matters. Please provide list of fonts that are nonfree. -- ノルベルト 2011-10-26 (水) 14:09:46
  • As a cue, I listed three `major' non-free font families. -- 北川 2011-10-27 (木) 05:43:51
  • 北川さん, for which commercial fonts there are font support files in the OTF package? For all of the above three? -- ノルベルト 2011-10-28 (金) 11:25:14
  • Above three fonts for the OTF package share tfms and vfs, and they are switched via selecting fontmaps. But these maps except ' dvipdfmx)' need updating for the 'latest' (i.e., v1.7b*) version. -- 北川 2011-10-28 (金) 11:50:17
  • So we need only one set of vf/tfm (do we need ofm for that, too?), and the map files. That is easy. Can you please if possible send me the update map files, and tell me which vf/tfm/etc files should be included, then I will create a otf-nonfreesupport package and put it into tlptexlive, while trying to move the free stuff into the main TL repository -- ノルベルト 2011-10-28 (金) 11:55:10
  • Ok, I did: for i in *hiragino* *morisawa* *kozuka* ; do cat $i | awk '{print$1}' ; done | sort | uniq, and got a list of: hgoth*-{h,v}, hirakaku-* hiramin-* hmgoth*-{h,v} hmin*-{h,v} otf-cj* otf-uj* uph* for those that are for supporiing commercail fonts. Are these all the fonts (vf/tfm) I need? THere remains a long list: brsg* cid* exp* nml* otf-c* otf-u* phirakaku* phiramin* ruby* utf*. And then there are some hirakaku and hiramin that are not referenced. Is this more or less correct? -- ノルベルト 2011-10-28 (金) 12:16:08

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