cdspeed patch for eject

Big NEWS! eject-2.0.8 adopted this patch.

  Roland Krivanek 's 'cdrom_speed' command sets a CD-ROM drive's max speed on Linux. It is useful when I want my CD-ROM drive to be quite.

   But this tool is NOT so friendly, device name is fixed. Moreover I often use it with 'eject -t' command, because the setting is lost at every time media changed.

   Its code is so simple (only one line, in fact!), that I made up my mind to make another implementation. Here is cdspeed patch for 'eject' command. An '-x' option is added. Execute 'eject /mnt/cdrom -t -x 8' to close tray and set speed x8. 'eject /mnt/cdrom -x 24' is to set speed x24 only, which is not to eject media.

original eject-2.0.2.tar.gz 20,184byte
my patch eject-2.0.2-cdspeed.patch.gz 2,074byte
RPM(RedHat6.x/Vine2.x) eject-2.0.2-4a.i386.rpm 23,184byte
SRPM eject-2.0.2-4a.src.rpm 27,279byte


original eject-2.0.7.tar.gz 48,079byte
my patch eject-2.0.7-cdspeed.patch.gz 1,994byte

  How to install is below.

% su
# rpm -Uhv eject-2.0.2-4a.i386.rpm

   If you don't use RPM, see below.

% tar xzvf eject-2.0.2.tar.gz
% cd eject-2.0.2
% gzip -dc ../eject-2.0.2-cdspeed.patch.gz | patch -p1
% make
% su
# make install


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