sitecopy with ssh/scp, sftp

Here are some patches for  sitecopy about ssh/scp, sftp.

sitecopy is a file mirroring tool, especially for web contents. It supports FTP and WebDAV.

It is simmilar to weex, ftpmirror, mirror , etc. Comparing these tools, sitecopy has a particular feature that it records locally the status of files in server side, in order to list up files which need update without connecting the server. Handling protocol in sitecopy's source code is so abstracted, that it makes easy to add a new one.

programs upload / download store status locally process lock protocols written in
FTP WebDAV rsh/rcp ssh/scp sftp
sitecopy OK OK NG OK OK partially partially this patch! C
weex OK ?? ?? OK NG NG NG NG C
ftpmirror ?? ?? ?? OK NG NG NG NG Perl5
mirror OK ?? ?? OK NG NG NG NG Perl
rsync OK NG ?? NG NG OK OK NG C

Although not documented, sitecopy partially supports rsh/rcp. The following configuration, for example, is a way to use ssh/scp.


site hogehoge
   server hogehoge
   protocol rsh
#   username nob   # if needed
   rsh "ssh"
   rcp "scp -p"
   remote /home/nob/dst
   local /home/nob/src
   permissions all

sftp support

Why sftp is better than scp? scp needs one ssh session per one file transfer. sftp transfers multiple files with one ssh session. To establish ssh session it takes much CPU time and may need pass phrase.

Jan 28, 2005
Testing on openssh-3.6.1p2. This patch enable transfer via sftp by following setting.


site sftp
   server sftp.server.mydomain
   protocol sftp
#   username nob   # if needed
#   rcp "sftp"     # optional
#   rsh "ssh"      # optional
   remote /home/nob/dst
   local /home/nob/src

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